Under the Labour Standards Act, the primary function of the Labour Standards Board is to hear appeals of decisions and orders of the Labour Standards Officer.



The Board will make decisions after investigation of any matters before it, including the holding of any hearings and consideration of submissions from relevant parties as the Board deems necessary. Please note that the Board’s practice is to hold written hearings (i.e., making decisions based on written submissions) unless in the Board’s discretion a verbal hearing is necessary.


For more information about how to file a notice of appeal and make submissions before the Board, please click here. For more information about how to prepare the notice of appeal or written submissions, please click here.


On appeal of a wage certificate, the Board may confirm the amount of wages owning stated in the certificate, cancel it, make another certificate with a different amount, or take no further action. The Board may also confirm unpaid certificates that have not been appealed.



The Board generally issues its decision within 3 months after the hearing of an appeal is concluded.


The Board may also file confirmed certificates with the Nunavut Court of Justice, and the certificates will become enforceable judgments against the employers (and in some limited circumstances, their directors).



The Board may collect money stated in a wage certificate and pay the money to an employee.