Nunavut Labour Board


The legislation of the Northwest Territories was duplicated for Nunavut on division. Nunavut statutes and regulations are maintained online by the Legislation Division of the Department of Justice. A consolidation of the Nunavut Labour Standards Act is found under Current Consolidated Statutes and Regulations. Regulations made pursuant to the authority provided in the Labour Standards Act are listed under the Act.


A consolidation includes the original Act or regulation and any amendments subsequently made to it. If the consolidation is not up to date, a list of all subsequent amendments is included. Amendments to the Act are made by statutes which are organized by year and are found under the menu item Source Law > Statutes of Nunavut (Annual Volumes). Amendments to regulations are made by regulations which are published in the Nunavut Gazette and are found under the menu item Nunavut Gazette > Part II (Regulations/Statutory and Non-Statutory Instruments).


If you have any questions about locating the Act or regulations email